Business Coaching Resources

If you are developing a business, be it large or small, you’re going to be needing some form of training or coaching. Finding the time and the money can be difficult, especially if you’re a start up on a limited budget. There are many options available however, which should be useful whatever level of development your Company is currently at.

Public Courses

There are a number of ways that you train yourself and your staff to be more effective and efficient in the workplace. Traditionally, anyone seeking business training would have attended a public classroom based training course. Such training can be anything from a few hours up to a week or more for some technical subjects such as IT. Costs also vary widely depending upon duration and subject, but expect to pay in the region of £300+ for a day’s training at a City centre location. Whilst these are still popular (especially with self-funded personal development), there alternative methods which may be more suitable for your business.

In House Training

In house (or ‘onsite’ training) has become popular in the last few years as more training organisations have started to offer the service. There are several advantages to this method of training delivery, particularity over classroom-based public courses:

  • Lower cost per delegate
  • No travelling expenses
  • Greater convenience
  • Staff remain onsite where they may be needed
  • Lower class sizes

Typically in house training will cost less with the more staff that you train. Added to the fact you have no travelling costs to pay, then this can be a very cost effective method. The question to always ask is, what can I expect from this training in respect of ROI? Some business coaching courses lead to immediate and tangible benefits, such as software training for example. You should be able to see improvements in staff efficiency and effectiveness within the Company almost straight away. Similarly benefits should be seen with Project Management training (such as Prince2), although the real effects may be longer term.

Online Training

With fast Broadband being almost universally accessible, many people are taking advantage of online training in it’s various forms. This may be as simple as working with interactive training material, either from the office or at home. Online training is often a cost-effective way of learning, but without always having direct contact with a tutor it is perhaps not to everyone’s liking. However, some organisations are now offering live ‘virtual’ tutor-led training. This is usually provided through an online software video system and enables the tutor and delegate to see and hear each other throughout the training session. It is also often possible for the tutor to see the trainee’s computer screen, which can be particularity beneficial with software training for instance. Live online training can often be almost as expensive as a public training course, however it is certainly more convenient and there are no travelling costs to consider.